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Riverside, California, the county seat of Riverside County and largest city of the "Inland Empire" of California, is a unique blend of history and 21st-century innovation. This city on the Santa Ana River was recently voted the 2012 number one 'Intelligent Community' in the United States for its innovation in promoting technology to its residents.

Riverside has a current population of a little over 300,000 and growing; it is a city of firsts. Shortly after its founding in 1871, the state's first golf course and polo field were built there. Three years later, the first three Brazilian navel orange trees planted in the state were gifted to one of the founding residents, Eliza Tibbets, giving birth to an industry that made Riverside the city with the highest per-capita wealth in the late 1800's. This history is commemorated and preserved in California Citrus State Historic Park and the lone survivor of the original trees still grows at the corner of Magnolia and Arlington Avenues.

The climate and soil in this riverside city are the ingredients that made its initial success possible: Mediterranean in character with low humidity, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. The climate that made it possible for the navel orange to flourish is prized for its health benefits as well; Riverside became a popular destination for wintering Easterners to escape the cold, harsh weather of their own region.

The beautiful hills and mountains surrounding the city provide both natural boundaries and spectacular scenery. Mount Rubidoux, Box Springs Mountain are two scenic and popular landmarks. Fairmount Park, another beautiful preserved area, sits at the entrance to the city and provides a great place to bird watch.

These natural attractions created a tourist trade that further helped the city to flourish and is responsible for another historic site, the Mission Inn, a Spanish mission-style hotel that is renowned as a favorite stop of politicians, princes, and Hollywood royalty alike. It is the largest structure of its kind in the United States and is featured in many local works of art.

However, Riverside isn't a place to rest on the laurels of history for survival. It is a sizable area that is both urban and suburban in nature, with a mix of historic neighborhoods and new, but very affordable, planned developments. Riverside also provides residents with every conceivable amenity including an extensive public library system, modern medical facilities, and the Riverside campus of the University of California.

The innovation in its wireless and broadband promotion are what earned Riverside the prestigious 'Intelligent Community' designation. 

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